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Aminet uploads until 12.12.2020
The following files have been added to Aminet until 12.12.2020:
AmIRC_FR.lha             comm/irc   22K       French catalog for AmIRC 3.62
NewsCoaster_FR.lha       comm/news  21K       French catalogs for NewsCoast...
AmiTradeCenter_FR.lha    comm/tcp   16K       French catalogs for AmiTradeC...
NetPrinter_FR.lha        comm/tcp   8K        French catalogs for NetPrinte...
TankGL.lha               demo/misc  346K  MOS TankGL - simple OpenGL Demo
KONEY_CRIPPLED_CYBORG... demo/sound 240K  68k CRIPPLED CYBORG Hardcore Musi...
HWP_Polybios.lha         dev/hwood  22M   MOS The ultimate PDF tool for Hol...
libpsockets.i386-aros... dev/lib    150K  x86 The part of AROS-stuff (POSIX...
libpsockets.mos.lha      dev/lib    69K   MOS The part of AROS-stuff (POSIX...
REDPILLGameCreator.lha   dev/misc   2.1M  68k Game Creator with AGA support
QuickBackup.lha          disk/bakup 5K        Simple Backup Script
SWSyncTool_FR.lha        disk/bakup 6K        French catalog for SW-SyncToo...
LSEGSave.lha             disk/misc  6K    68k Saves Executables from RDB
VieIII.lha               game/misc  95K   68k A GUI Game of Life
BackdPattGener.lha       gfx/edit   49K   68k Create your own backdrop patt...
MathX_FR.lha             misc/math  14K       French catalog for MathX 1.32
MUIMapparium_FR.lha      misc/sci   7K        French catalog for MUIMappari...
SoundBox_FR.lha          mus/misc   9K        French catalog for SoundBox 2.9
AmiModRadio.lha          mus/play   2.7M  68k Play modules from Internet so...
DAPlayer_68k.lha         mus/play   541K  68k Digital audio player mp3, cdd...
Vim_8.2-i386-aros.lha    text/edit  12M   x86 The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.2-ppc-amigaos.lha  text/edit  14M   OS4 The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.2-ppc-morphos.lha  text/edit  13M   MOS The ubiquitous text editor
UnRAR_FR.lha             util/arc   11K       French catalog for UnRAR 5.90
AssignManager.lha        util/boot  59K   68k GUI for making assigns. V1.24
ToolsMenu_FR.lha         util/cdity 6K        French catalog for ToolsMenu ...
FileMaster2.2.lha        util/dir   59K   68k Powerful file manager, free v...
SysSpeed_FR.lha          util/moni  9K        French catalog for SysSpeed 2.6
OpenParent.lha           util/wb    7K    68k Open Parent Drawer

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