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File manager: MCAmiga 0.9 for all Amiga systems (update)
Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow's MCAmiga is a file manager inspired by Norton and Midnight Commander which can be completely used with the keyboard. Version 0.9 has been already released in August 2020 - we reported about it in our dominical Aminet uploads - but after poiting out by us, Marcus now has added the missing change log which we also want to share with our readers:
  • difference viewer in tools menu
  • basic highlighter for ini, patch/diff files
  • BugFix for start from WBDock2
  • startup scripts to directly start the viewer/diffviewer from shell
  • Bugfix for file size
MCAmiga is available for AmigaOS (m68k, PPC), MorphOS and AROS (x86, x64, ARM). The programm at least requires 4 MB RAM.

Update: (18:40, 06.01.21, dr)
According to the author meanwhile the AmigaOS-4 version does run on a X5000 since it has not been a MCAmiga bug, but a Free Pascal Bug which has been fixed. (dr) (Translation: dr)

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