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Lars Brämer (Forum)

Morgue Soft stops developer activity by releasing the game "The Widow"
After more than 27 years, Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has stopped his developer activity by releasing the game "The Widow" which is a point'n'click horror adventure written in Hollywood:


According to 'Templario' this game is "a little summary of the best games and programs made for me with my programming and graphic design skills". It is available for MorhpOS 2.7-3.x, AmigaOS4.x, AROS, Windows and Linux.

During the past years he has released software like the picture viewer Videntium Picta, the picture editing programm Pintor Web or the PDF viewer GrimoriumPDF. Furthermore he wrote diverse slot machine games and adult games.

His first projects 'Templario' wrote in AmiBlitz/BlitzBasic for his brother. Since 2010 he has used Hollywood as his main developing software. In response to our question about the reasons for his decision he answered that it "is very complicated making games for Amiga systems when there are not skilled graphic designers in this hobby, and the motivation and the input of fresh ideas is low."

Now he is enjoying his hobby as another spectator of the scene. We wish him much fun in the new period of life and all the best for the future! (dr) (Translation: dr)

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