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04.Mar.2021 (forum)

AmiLion 1.0: pre-configured front-end application for AmiKit XE
AmiLion is a Hollywood program for the Workbench distribution AmiKit XE on Windows 10. It is basically a pre-configured front-end for accessing Windows applications like Firefox, VLC or Steam via Rabbit Hole functionality as well as popular websites like Aminet, Wikipedia or YouTube.

AmiLion is available for 1 GBP, to be released for free next year, and consists of:
  • 12 quick Rabbit Hole apps
  • 32 internet links to popular & useful websites
    (open with either the host bowser or Amiga browser)
  • Get to the Amiga games faster
    (iGame and WHDload quick links)
  • AmigaNG made wallpapers
    (12 full 1080p HD high quality wallpapers)
  • Web icons
    (6 premade high quality web icons for quick opening to site)
  • Source code (Hollywood files)
  • Future planned Raspberry Pi version, will be a free update

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