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Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.8 (AmigaOS 3/4)
The open source encryption protocol AmiSSL has been updated to version 4.8 and is fully compatible to IBrowse 2.5.3.

  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility to latest OpenSSL 1.1.1j (16.02.2021) version, which brings security and bug fixes.
  • Updated root certificates to latest Mozilla-based bundle provided by
  • Fixed corrupted OS3 libamisslauto.a (object name was too long).
  • Tweaked SDK examples and OpenSSL includes to be more compatible with vanilla VBCC and SAS/C compiler installations.
  • Restored SAS/C support to AmiSSL autoopen link library code.
  • Added native VBCC support to AmiSSL autoopen link library code.
  • Added lib/autoinit_amissl_main.c to SDK to allow VBCC, SAS/C and GCC users to compile their own link library, if required.
(dr) (Translation: dr)

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