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Amiga Impact (Website)

Programming language: AMOS Professional Unity Alpha 2, SpecialFX-Plugin
'AMOS Professional Unity' is Frédéric 'AmiDARK' Cordier's second attempt to improve the classic BASIC compiler AMOS Professional and retrofit AGA support. The second alpha release includes the following new features:
  • AGA Sprites with 16,32 and 64 pixels width
  • AGA Sprites combination (like original Amos Professional but with AGA capabilities)
  • Sprite color palette selection
  • New system ScreenFX to create Stunning visual effects in Amos Professional Unity screens
  • Simple Rainbox FX developed using the ScreenFX
A list of the new or extended commands can be found on the official website, AMOS Unity Alpha 2 can be downloaded from Github.

Cordier also provides SpecialFX, the first version of a library that implements visual effects and already takes advantage of AMOS Unit's new AGA-compatible features. (cg) (Translation: bb)

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