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28.Apr.2021 (Website)

ComicOn 1.2 (all Amiga systems)
Developed with Hollywood, ComicOn downloads short comic strips from the publishers' websites and displays them locally. Numerous English strips such as Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts are supported. ComicOn is available for AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS and AROS, it requires some additional Hollywood plugins to be installed before using the program. New features in version 1.2:
  • Changed GUI from RapaGUI to MUI. This adds better support for Imagebuttons with MUI3.x
  • Some GUI-optimisation to get a little more space for the images themselves
  • The scalemode is now selectable. Especially on smaller Screens the comics are better readable now
  • Added verions for WarpOS and 68k-FPU
  • emoved the Requirement of Plananarama
  • And, as usual... Some bugfixing...
(cg) (Translation: bb)

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