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CS-Lab: Test of new firmware 1.10 for Warp1260
According to Greg Donner on his unofficial Warp 3060/4060 page, the YouTube channel Amiga Tests has tested the latest firmware 1.10 of the Warp 1260 for the Amiga 1200 and a video published.

Compared to the previous version 1.08, these are the changes:
  • MicroSD can be formatted as FFS, PFS3 and others.
  • Amiga can boot from microSD.
  • Transfer speeds up to 20 MB/s!
  • Very low CPU usage [~3-9%] while accessing the microSD.
  • 224 MB Fast RAM!
  • MicroSD is PCMCIA-friendly.
  • Combination of microSD and Warp IDE CF, or microSD and Amiga internal IDE can be used simultaneously.
According to 'JakubH' in the Polish forum the firmware will be made available during the next weeks. (dr)

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