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02.Jul.2021 (ANF)

Workbench distribution: AmiKit XE 11.6.0 update for Raspberry Pi 4/400
Version 11.6.0 of the Workbench distribution AmiKit XE for the Raspberry Pi 4/400 now also supports AHI and Bluetooth and provides many other improvements, updates and bug fixes. Changes:
  • Amiga side changelog:

    • ADDED: AHI audio support - Apps & games using AHI work now! (Paula 8bit stereo++)
    • ADDED: Be Kool Fool demo by Focus Design: 1st at Gerp 2015
    • ADDED: GMPlay 1.3 by Christian Buchner
    • ADDED: GMPlayMUI 1.2 by Charlie/Stipey
    • ADDED: GMTones 1&2 by Martin Caspersson
    • ADDED: Minor cleanups here and there
    • UPDATED: AmigaAMP 3.29 by Thomas Wenzel
    • UPDATED: AmiSSL 4.9 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    • UPDATED: AmiStart menus include AHI apps games now (your current menu config is backuped first: AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart/sm.prefs.bak1150)
    • UPDATED: Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.5 by ALB42
    • UPDATED: Hollywood Player 9.0 by Andreas Falkenhahn
    • UPDATED: iGame 2.1b2 (15-Mar-2021) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
    • UPDATED: Infinite Module Player 1.21 by Pawel Nowak
    • UPDATED: LoadModule 45.18 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
    • UPDATED: MorpheuZ 11.6 (internal part of AmiKit) by Jan Zahurancik
    • UPDATED: VisualPrefs 1.5m by Massimo Tantignone
    • FIXED: AmiStart taskbar menu in HD mode does not scale anymore with each task icon displayed.
    • FIXED: MIDI songs work now! Simply double-click any .mid file, eg. in AmiKit:Utilities/GMPlay/MIDI-Files folder.
    • FIXED: VisualPrefs (and Birdie) theme works again if enabled in MorpheuZ (and AfA_OS is disabled at the same time)
    • FIXED: Switching from DOpus to Workbench and back (via MorpheuZ) should work now again.
    • FIXED: Matrix screen blanker disabled as it interfered with IMP and resulted in system lock.
    • NOTE: If DOpus Aminet FTP doesn't work for you, check the passive box in FTPOptions > Misc settings.

  • Linux side changelog:

    • UPDATED: Amiberry 4.1.4 by Dimitris Panokostas
    • UPDATED: Linux updates (included with new image; for existing installation simply run "Update Linux" from start menu)
    • FIXED: Linux Bluetooth Adapter works now so you can connect all your Bluetooth devices, finally! If your Bluetooth audio is distorted, install brcm-patchram-plus package.
    • ENDCLI: Oh, and now you can close any Linux terminal window with EndCLI command :)

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