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Reimplementation of 'Frontier: Elite II'-Intros with browser playback
Mark Watson has reverse engineered the Frontier: Elite II game intro. It implements the full 3d renderer and music playback code from the original in C. The source code is available on GitHub. Features:
  • Compiler & decompiler for the game's 3d model format
  • Updated 3d models (e.g. added planet sky to intro)
  • Engine / sound effects playback
  • SDL support (for non-Amiga platforms)
  • Support for 2x and 4x times the original display resolution
Mark Watson explained: "DooM is ported to pretty much every platform due to be having a reference implementation in C. I wanted something simalr for FE2 and have always been curious about how the renderer worked. The whole game is not ported because, well.. that would require a ton more work, and maybe Frontier will want to re-release it at some point."

The result of his development now can be also watched in a browser playback: It offers double resolution, scaled up to fit the browser window. (dr)

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