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Updates for Hollywood applications: PerCIMan 0.73 and RēZ 1.6 all Amiga systems
Ulrich Beckers has released new versions for his two Hollywood applications 'PerCIMan' and 'RēZ' for all Amiga systems (AmigaOS 3.x (graphics card required), AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS (x86)) as well as Windows.
PerCIMan is a program for managing personal and contact data. Changes:
  • Critical error during data import or initial startup fixed
  • Adapted for and compiled with Hollywood 9
  • Fixed some small bugs
RēZ is the abbreviation for stimulus-response time. RēZ measures the time interval between a visual stimulus and the subsequent motor response (pressing a button). Changes:
  • New: Two acoustic tests
  • some minor changes to be able to compile it with Hollywood 9
  • Minor overhaul of the GUI to accommodate more buttons
(dr) (Translation: bb)

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