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Aminet uploads until 17.07.2021
The following files have been added until 17.07.2021 to Aminet:
64tass.i386-aros.lha     dev/cross  968K  x86 Cross assembler targeting the...
picasm_os4.lha           dev/cross  142K  OS4 PIC16F84 Assembler for the Amiga
picasm-1-06.i386-aros... dev/cross  122K  x86 PIC16F84 Assembler for the Amiga
NDK3.2R3.lha             dev/misc   7.8M      Native Developer Kit for Amig...
extfatfs-53-3.i386-ar... disk/misc  78K   x86 A free exFAT file system impl...
ntfs3g-53-4.i386-aros... disk/misc  233K  x86 A port of Tuxera's NTFS-3G fi...
eurochamp.lha            docs/misc  245K      Statistics: soccer Euro Champ...
dsp3210.lha              driver/oth 284K  68k DSP 3210 drivers and tools
sonix-mos.lha            driver/vid 1.6M  MOS Display/grab pictures from so...   gfx/show   1K        German/Austrian catalog for D...
lemacs.i386-aros.lha     text/edit  188K  x86 Enhanced MicroEMACS
iconverter.i386-aros.lha util/conv  98K   x86 Convert WB 1.x/MagicWB icons ...
Iconverter.lha           util/conv  55K   68k Convert WB 1.x/MagicWB icons ...
iconverter_os4.lha       util/conv  99K   OS4 Convert WB 1.x/MagicWB icons ...
ReportPlus.lha           util/misc  619K  68k Multipurpose utility
ReportPlusMOS.lha        util/misc  734K  MOS Multipurpose utility
ReportPlus-OS4.lha       util/misc  784K  OS4 Multipurpose utility
ViNCEd.lha               util/shell 838K  68k ViNCEd, the CON: with ^Z & TA...

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