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Project announcement: Universal Commodore power supply
The website 'RavenWolf' is generally dedicated to the research and restoration of all kinds of retro technology. In the latest project, a universal Commodore power supply is to be developed in the next few months. It is intended to be built by any hobbyist and will therefore mainly use commonly available components.

The reason for this is that Mike Brixius, project initiator, often receives used Commodore computers with either missing or wrong power supplies, which in case of doubt can damage the hardware. The goal is thus to build a tabletop power supply that will work with any Commodore computer.

Brixius began to catalog all Commodore machines (that he could think of) that use an external power supply. From this he was able to deduce that he would need to provide a total of 5 different voltages to cover all models:
  • 5 volts DC at 5 amps for an extreme A500 configuration plus 1 external hard drive
  • 9 volts DC at 1 amp for the Commodore 16 and 116 (if they are to be supported)
  • 12 volts DC at 1.5 amps for the A500 plus an external drive
  • -12 volts DC at a measly 0.1 amps for the Amigas
  • 9 volts AC at 3 amps for the early VIC-20s or 1 amp if the early VICs are to be omitted
To simplify the project, support for the early Vic IIs, C16, and C116 can be dropped. However, as Brixius writes us, his prototype will support the Vic IIs

In addition, he intends to display information about power consumption, for which he plans to integrate a compact DC voltage and current meter. More information about the project as well as videos will follow in the near future. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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