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Commercial action game: Turbo Tomato Deluxe Collectors Edition
Today Bitmap Soft has released the commercial action game 'Turbo Tomato – Deluxe Collectors Edition' in which you have to try to remove mutated vegetables from the playground using bombs.

The Deluxe collector edition is available for about 29 Euro (plus shipping) and contains the following items:
  • Glossy Big Box
  • Turbo Tomato game on 3.5″ floppy diskette
  • Full-Colour Instruction booklet
  • Turbo Tomato Fridge Magnet
  • Selection of Stickers
  • Glossy A4 single-sided poster
  • Digital download included
Features of the game:
  • Fast one or two player co-op action
  • 35+ levels across four distinct worlds
  • 40+ enemy types and 4 bosses to battle
  • Online global high score table
  • Level code system
The game runs on any Amiga equipped with 1MB Chip RAM and Kickstart 2.0+ and supports harddrive and CD32 installation.

The game also is available for about 12 Euro as digital download. (dr)

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