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Final Amiga port of 'Metal Gear' (MSX)
In February 2021 announced by a videos, musician, DJ and coder 'Hoffman' has released his final version of his Amiga port of 'Metal Gear', originally developed for MSX home computers. Version 1.1 fixes some bugs and compatibility issues and has the following features:
  • Code ported from Z80 to 68000 assembly by Hoffman
  • Gameplay adjusted to work at full 50hz/60hz
  • No slow-downs or sprite flicker
  • Multiple game modes
    • English Remix Fan Translation
    • Original European Version
    • Original Japanese Version
    • New Spanish Translation by Akira
  • Enhanced Amiga Soundtrack and SFX by Hoffman
  • Optional emulated MSX / PSG Music and SFX
  • Full support for CD32 gamepad for keyboard-less gameplay
  • Additional character graphics by Toni Galvez
  • All new ending / credits section
  • For any Amiga with 512kb Chip Ram + 512k Other Ram
  • Bootable disk image for low spec Amigas
  • WHDLoad installer by Psygore
The original ProTracker modules can be also downloaded from his website. About the history of his project he wrote:

"This project started out as a curiosity which got WAY out of hand. Back in November 2020, after 8 months of coronavirus lock-down, I found myself looking at a GitHub repo by Manual Pazos and wondering really just how hard would it be to port this to the Amiga. As a test, I looked at converting some of the tile graphics and within a couple of days built some tools in C# to deal with that. Next I moved onto the map / room data and quickly built a renderer on the Amiga which could draw every room from the game. By now I was done for, I couldn't stop, I had to see just how far I could take the project. Each completed step kept pushing me to do the next and now here we are, a complete and full port of Metal Gear running on all Amigas!

There is more to be said about the development process (like spending weeks building a fully dynamic Amiga sprite multiplexer only to throw it all away) but I think I'll save that for a series of blog posts. For now, I hope you enjoy this game as much as I've enjoyed, and endured, putting it together."

Download: (914 KB)
Download: (914 KB) (dr)

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