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Amigaworld (Twitter)

Deniser: Open Source replacement for Denise chip
On GitHub, Martin 'endofexclusive' Åberg has established a resposity called 'Deniser' for building and programming a Denise chip replacement.

Denise is the Amiga custom chip responsible for most of the graphic related tasks such as bitplane display, palette registers, smooth scrolling, hardware sprites, flexible screen object priority, collision detection and more. In the Amiga, Denise operates in concert with the Agnus and Paula. Schematic, BOM and more information can be found in a separate PDF file. Status of the project:
  • Known to work:
    • Schematic, PCB layout and BOM
    • Use in Amiga A500 with ECS Agnus (PAL)
    • Workbench, Deluxe Paint, demos
    • Extra Half Brite (EHB) mode
    • OCS features
  • Things that probably work:
    • Use in Amiga A1000, A2000 and A3000
    • Use with OCS Agnus
    • Collision detection
    • Hold-and-modify (HAM) mode
    • Genlock
  • Known limitations:
    • Some sprites appear above and below the display window.
    • No NTSC

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