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MUI-based SFTP/FTP(S)-Client: RNOXFER 1.3 for AmigaOS 3/4 and MorphOS
As announced by the release of the pdf viewer RNOPDF, the developer 'jPV^RNO' has updated his FTP client 'RNOXFER' to version 1.3 which among others now also supports the SFTP protokoll. Additionally he has published a tutorial and a video on his website which are supposed to explain the functions and the usage in a comfortable way. Changes of version 1.3:
  • Added support for the SFTP protocol
  • Added support for large files
  • Added an option to use graphic enhanced buttons in the program GUI
  • Transfer speeds are displayed in the progress gauge
  • Added an option to show directory names in bold text
  • Directory creating failures are handled better
  • Fixed handling of links with the full path
  • Added an option to verify uploads
  • Added selection information within the status line
  • Status line indicates if the selected files are equal on both sides
  • Better URL encoding when copying URLs to the clipboard
  • Pattern selection interprets #? as a wildcard now
  • More verbose delete requester
  • Added a password requester if no password is set when connecting
  • Added a command line argument for the passive mode (defaults to pasv now)
  • Minor tweaking

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