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Workbench distribution: AmiKit XE 11.7.0 Update for Raspberry Pi 4/400
Version 11.7.0 of the Workbench distribution AmiKit XE for the Raspberry Pi 4/400 increases performance and security and provides program updates. Changes:
  • Amiga side changes:

    • ADDED: host-multiview 1.0 by Dimitris Panokostas. It allows you to open Amiga files with default Linux app!
    • UPDATED: ADiffView 2.0 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
    • UPDATED: AmiSSL 4.10 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    • UPDATED: HippoPlayer 2.47 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    • UPDATED: Infinite Module Player (IMP) 3.28 by Pawel Nowak
    • UPDATED: JFIFdt44 44.15 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    • UPDATED: MCC_BetterString 11.36 Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: MCC_NList 0.127 by Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.56 by Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: MCC_TheBar 26.22 by Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: RapaGUI 2.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    • UPDATED: RNOPDF 1.4 by jPV^RNO
    • UPDATED: SnoopDos 3.11 by Eddy Carroll, Thomas Richter et al.
    • UPDATED: UnRAR 6.02 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
    • UPDATED: VirusZ 1.04Ăź by Georg Wittmann
    • UPDATED: xvs.library 33.44 by Georg Wittmann
    • FIXED: Initialising of YAM theme works now
    • FIXED: If you're experiencing sound glitches, in new Amiberry increase the sound buffer to 8

  • Linux side changes:

    • UPDATED: Amiberry 4.1.5 by Dimitris Panokostas, the emulation engine of AmiKit, now with MANY bugfixes and increased performance including Fast Copper too!
    • UPDATED: Game Controller and WHDLoad databases
    • UPDATED: Linux updates (included with new image only; for existing installation simply run "Update Linux" from start menu)
Besides, 3 music tracks have been added in memory of Paul van der Valk who recently passed away. (dr)

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