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Music editor: MusicMaker V8 Version 3.12 (update)
Thomas Winischhofer's 'MusicMaker V8' ('MMV8') is a sample-based music editor which the author started back in 1986 as hobby project. As the author wrote, "much later it published in France and the German speaking parts of Europe by Data Becker (V1.76) and by Wolf Software (V2.358, Germany only)." This version 3 dates back to late 1992 and was never published as a commercial product.

In the readme it is explained, that MMV8 uses "macros" which - unlike "patterns" in trackers - apply to a single channel only. Those "macros" are then put in a playing order, which is called a track. As MMV8 provides up to eight audio channels, up to eight tracks can be set up.

As Thomas Winischhofer told us some time ago, he "doesn't really want to do anything more on the MM except occasionally fix bugs that stand out." That would not be worth reporting. However, this has turned into a few updates in recent times, each of which has been published on Aminet. As the developer writes, he has small windows of time at the moment, which, unlike the DSP drivers - his other Amiga project of the recent past) he can use sitting at the emulator to fix bugs and improve the source code from 1986 and the following years. But he definitely doesn't want to take away the character and charm of the 80s from the program.

In the latest versions the author mainly worked on the GUI and fixed several minor bugs.

Who of our readers had or has used the music editor?

Update: (07:43, 24.10.21, dr)

Meanwhile version 3.12 is available. Now "m" now shows instrument paths and minor inconvenience in the install script were fixed. (dr)

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