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Tools for ARexx development: RxEnv V1.2
At the beginning of September we reported on Carl Svensson's project RxEnv which is supposed to add a 'REPL' to the ARexx development environment.
REPL is for 'Read, Eval, Print, Loop' and offers the option to enter any ARexx code in an interactive window and get immediately response. This might be helpful to find bugs in the code (see this article).

His intension and the story of his project, Svensson has explained in his article The Joy Of Limitations: Writing an ARexx REPL in ARexx. Now he has released version 1.2 of RxEnv with the following changes:
  • Implemented immediate mode in the REPL.
  • If an error occurs, rxpp now exits with return code 20 instead of return code 1.
  • Added malloc() checks to rxpp.
  • Added the pprx script.
  • Minor cleanups in REPL code.

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