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AmigaOS 3/4: New Netsurf test build
In May 2020 the version 3.10 of the ReAction-based Amiga port of the web browser Netsurf was released. Until the next official release 3.11, so-called test builds are published by the developers, which already include changes but may still contain bugs.

After a longer break, Chris Young has now updated the build version #5314 with the root certificates, which are included in the currently current version #5318. When asked, Chris Young explained to us that especially the OS3 version has to be considered as a pure test version - 'very alpha/beta quality'. Furthermore, he holds out the prospect of a possible special AmigaOS 3.2 version, should it prove true that the ReAction gadgets and his workarounds for the old versions are the cause of the instability.

A short test of the OS4 version first takes us to our main page, which loads without problems. When selecting a single message, three or four seconds pass:

Now the message about Ben Hermans is selected and the source on is called. The page loads quickly, but an additional window opens with a list of JavaScript errors. At least it becomes clear that the page obviously does not work without the infamous tracking tool..:

Well remembered is that GitHub pages often cause difficulties (under previous Wayfarer versions sometimes no text was visible), so we test the link to Dirk Hoffmann's MacOS emulator vAmiga:

The page itself loads very quickly, but the warning messages increase again. Furthermore, logging in is not possible because the corresponding link is missing. Basically, JavaScript can be disabled in the settings. Furthermore Chris Young gave us the tip to add "log_filter:level:CRITICAL" to the choice file under NetSurf/Users/Default to stop the display of the errors. Finally, we allow ourselves to type a big name into the input field:

Apart from the fact that you are overwhelmed by JavaScript errors, this was probably a bit too big. But NetSurf ran stable and one can only hope that the development will be continued to have another alternative especially under AmigaOS 4. Downloads: (dr)

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