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Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.9.3
RedPill, developed by Carlos Peris, is a game construction kit written in Amiblitz 3.8, which allows the development of games from various genres (see short tests of two Redpill games). RedPill is compatible with AGA and ECS, the "player" for playing the finished creations requires a total of 1.5 MB RAM.

This new version 0.9.3 provides the following changes:
  • Profiler update: Trigger conditions and actions are displayed. Also added extra cathegories in the main bar.
  • Code for global variables has been optimized.
  • Code for input has been optimized.
  • Render code has been optimized.
  • New action Trigger Sprite Layer to enabled or disable the Level Sprite Layer.
  • New action Trigger Sprite Spd X to set up the Level Sprite Layer Speed in X.
  • Removed HUD Enabled/Top/Bottom from HUD screen as now the setup is done in Level Properties.
  • Audio routines for player and the editor have been unified.
  • Code has been converted to ASCII, this is just better for me but could have some unknown implications.
  • Some internal code refactoring.
  • In Game Setup screen Target FPS has been renamed to Max FPS.
  • FIX: Sprite setup not being seen in the Level Properties screeb.
  • FIX: When entering the level screen some old projects could crash the editor.

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