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08.Jan.2022 (ANF)

AmiTube 0.7: YouTube client for 68k-Amigas (update)
Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow's AmiTube enables watching YouTube videos on an 68k Amiga. To do so, they are converted to Commodore's CDXL format and downloaded (video).

Now version 0.7 is available which among others allows you to download the original video from YouTube in different resolutions or as audio file. Detailed changes:
  • New CDXL Option 320px and AGA colors
  • direct download from youtube without conversation
  • select resolution on direct download
  • Update checking
  • Download latest version
  • Question before delete movie
The latest version always is available on the AmiTube website.

Please not that conversion is executed on the developer's personal server, thus he asks to restrict oneself to few and short videos. Furthermore the program must not be shared but always be downloaded from the author's website at the title link.

Update: (09.01.2022, 06:39, dr)

In his new blog entry, yesterday Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow pointed out that an (untested) guide published on the official AmiTube website now describes how to set up your own 'converter server'. (dr)

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