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Alexandre Balaban (Mail)

AmigaOS 4.1: CompareDirs compares directories
Using CompareDirs the directory structure of two directories can be compared, including all files. The result window shows the files with size and date. Alexandre Balaban's tool can be controlled either from the shell or via Reaction GUI.

Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed incorrect file size displayed in GUI during file copy
  • Added German guide translation and catalog by Helmut Haake
  • Added entry update after context menu operation (Elwood)
  • Fixed bad copyright year in about dialog (Corto)
  • Fixed French translation typo in about dialog (Corto)
  • Added ability to show file in WB (Origin, Issue#50)
  • Added support for icon drop on new comparison window
  • Fixed possible crash in new comparison code due to random memory access

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