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Book: Status update and ordering option for 'From Vultures to Vampires', Volume
The first book of the two-volume "From Vultures to Vampires" by former Commodore UK manager David Pleasance and A-EON Technology co-founder Trevor Dickinson on Amiga history was delivered in the middle of last year. The Kickstarter campaign to fund the second volume, which Trevor Dickinson told us about in mid-January, failed. In the last update of the Kickstarter campaign David Pleasance admitted that the goal was a bit too ambitious (7.707 Euro out of 17.853 were reached), but at the same time he assured that "producing Volume 2 is most certainly still going ahead full steam".

Depending on the printer's workload, he estimated in the January 21 post that finished hardcovers would be delivered in bulk by mid-March. Since that time has arrived, we checked with David Pleasance to see what the current status of the project is: They had unfortunately fallen behind schedule with Volume 2 - the task of researching and communicating with so many people and companies, all of whom are part of the book, had become an enormous project that could not have been foreseen before. All the information would have been enough for 3 volumes.

This delay also meant that the deadline originally booked at a print shop in Turkey could not be met. This was compounded by the heavy snowfall, which prevented the workers from getting to the factory. He therefore asks all readers and interested parties for their understanding. He is now waiting for information from the print shop as to the extent to which printing will be delayed.

An "agreement in principal" had been reached with a company based in Germany, he said, which would take delivery of Volume 2 directly from Turkey and individually pack, address and ship each book. This company would deliver to all countries except the United Kingdom. Since the company is based in Germany and is therefore part of the EU, there would also be no problems with EU customs as there were with Volume 1.

Finally, he told how to pre-order Volume 2 currently:
  • If you have been a supporter of the Kickstarter campaign, just send him an email and he will explain how to order.
  • All others can pre-order directly on his website.
He asks that orders be placed as soon as possible so that he can place the print order with a better knowledge of the quantities needed. (dr)

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