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Programming language: AmiBlitz 3.9.0
The latest version 3.9.0 of the programming language AmiBlitz contains some major changes and a few optimizations:

Adjustments to libs handling: To be able to reduce the amount of loaded blitzlibraries at startup, I divided the former to biglib-files ACIDLIBS and DEFLIBS into four biglib files that are organized according to their purpose:
  • baseLibs: base libraries everyone needs or other libs depend on
  • utilLibs: libraries that contains several useful functions
  • csLibs: libraries that make use of the custom chips hardware
  • osLibs: libraries that are wrapper libs for standard amigaos libraries
So if you don't use oslibrary functions or don't do graphics an sound stuff, you can just disable that file from being loaded.

Major internal changes:
  • converted tons of code from asm to basic

Minor adjustments:
  • added tooltype DISABLE_HIGHLIGHTING to improve performance on lowend machines
  • added tooltype DISABLE_LOCALIZATION to reduce needed of memory on lowend machines
  • removed tooltype STANDARDEDITMODE, only the new behaviour is supported now
  • removed tooltype OLDSEARCH, only the new behaviour is supported now
  • removed tooltype USE_ASLDIMS
  • renamed tooltype NO_WELCOME to DISABLE_WELCOME
  • renamed tooltype TOKENBOLD to BOLD_TOKENS
  • added menu entry "Autolayout" to perform an auto arrangement of all open windows per menu call
  • added wrapperlib for gadtools.library to osLibs
  • reorganized settings window
  • added new iconify gadget for source window (OS3.2+)
  • updated GlowIcons for all icons in the AmiBlitz3 drawer

Adjustments to tools:
  • AB3LibsManager: implemented the new biglibs handling with 4 biglibfiles
  • AB3LibsManager: added new column to commandlist table that shows dependencies to other libs
  • AB3LibsManager: added shortcuts for some buttons

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