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Open Source 3D printer: SLS4All
Every now and then we report on do-it-yourself projects such as making your own joystick using a 3D printer. Not bad, you might say, but what's the point if I don't have a 3D printer? Especially not one that is even remotely affordable!

While not amiga-inspired, Tomas Starek may have had similar thoughts when he started his DIY project of his own affordable 3D printer. However, as he tells us, he was so surprised by the positive reactions from around the world that he decided to document his 'Open Source' project thoroughly and comprehensibly.

He chose the SLS printing process for this. As the portal reports, there are currently no consumer SLS 3D printers on the market. The process involves beaming a laser at a bed of powdered polymer, which thereby melts it and turns it into a solid. As with other forms of 3D printing, the layers build up to form a three-dimensional object. Compared to other processes, it offers the advantage of generating bridges and overhanging geometry, he said. The print chamber is 175 X 175 X 200 mm in size.

For control, Starek chose a combination of BigTreeTech 1.4 Turbo control board and Raspberry Pi 4B, both running Klipper firmware.

The main goal of his project is to use the most "affordable" (initially: cheap) parts possible. The should be able to create complex prints and be user-friendly. We asked the developer what costs should ultimately be expected by an interested user who wants to build the 3D printer himself: he estimates about 2500 euros. At a later date, he could also imagine selling the printer as a finished, commercial product or as a kit for assembly. For now, however, it is a matter of finishing the development of the printer. And the current status looks like this:
  • DESIGN: Generic & Fusion 360 design 100%
  • Hardware Parts fabrication and Build: Frame & Moving Parts 98%
  • Electronic equipment installation: Laser, Galvo system, step motors, heaters 100%
  • Firmware And Software development: FW customization & F-e development 75%
  • Testing: Partial Tests, Complex testing, 3D printing 65%
  • Documentation: F3D, DXF & STL files, GitHub Repos, etc... 50%

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