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MorphZone (Webseite)

MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 3.5 (2nd update)
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 3.3 and then as a bugfix version 3.4 of his MorphOS web browser 'Wayfarer'. Changes:
  • HTTP HEAD requests to resources would poison the Curl disk cache with 0-byte files, leading to websites failing to load/work correctly
  • Minor speed improvements in JavaScriptCore and timing code
  • Improved refresh speeds when typing text on websites showing animated contents as you type
  • The HLS player will iterate through all streams of the master playlist now if a selected sub playlist fails to play
  • Re-worked post-seeking playback restart to avoid auto-start of streams that start playback from non-0 position
  • Fixed audio buffer under-run handling
  • Invisible video streams fixed not to enable overlay
  • Improved invalid certificate error handling UI flows
  • Disabled touch events support
  • minor fix for HTTP AUTH regression
Download: wayfarer.lha (26 MB)

Update: (29.04.2022, 06:48, dr)
According to the developer, some mis-compilation has crept in that negatively impacted stability of recent builds in some situations. Hi has fixed that by releasing verion 3.5.

Update 2: (01.05.2022, 07:38, snx)
The author informs there are additional problems that seem to have been introduced with version 3.3 and recommends to revert back to Wayfarer 3.2 (wayfarer3.2.lha, 26 MB) for now. (dr)

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