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Last Minute Creations: Games 'GermZ' and 'Atarenium Falcon' released
Last Minute Creations', a Polish group of amiga game developers, has finally released two of their games that have been available in pre-release versions for quite some time:

In GermZ you have to try as a tiny organism not only to survive, but to infiltrate and take over other organisms ( reported):

  • single player campaign
  • multiplayer mode up to 4 players using joy1, joy2, WSAD, arrows controls
  • several maps to choose from
  • special cells with features expanding your tactics
  • in-game editor for creating own maps and campaigns
An Amiga 500 with 1MB CHIP RAM is required. The game can be downloaded as lha or adf file for a recommended price of three Euro. The source code is available on GitHub.

The second release, Atarenium Falcon, reminds at first glance a bit of the classic 'Space Taxi': With a spaceship, the player has to head for the exit already visible at the beginning of the level. However, gravity is not the problem but he has to choose the way in such a way that he collects enough coal (as fuel) and also floating capacitors and the like ( reported):

Again, an Amiga 500 with 1 MB chip-ram is sufficient and is also available for a recommended three Euros (more is possible, of course, but also less) as lha and adf archive. The source code is on GitHub. (dr)

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