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AROS Archives uploads until 14.05.2022
The following files have been added until 14.05.2022 to AROS Archives:
dt42.lha                     aud/edi 814kb DT-42 DrumToy
pxdrum.i386-aros.lha         aud/edi 10Mb  Drum machine
tb-303.i386-aros.lha         aud/edi 504kb Generates TB-303 like sounds
amicast_player.i386-aros.lha aud/pla 6Mb   Player for AMIcast podcast
bp-manual-dutch.tgz          doc/man 202kb Dutch traduction of B&P'...
bp-manual-french.tgz         doc/man 193kb French traduction of B&P...
bp-manual-ita.tgz            doc/man 188kb Italian traduction of B&P�...
bp-manual-norw.tgz           doc/man 174kb Norwegian traduction of B&P&...
bp-manual-spa.tgz            doc/man 186kb Spanish traduction of B&P�...
dosbox_manual.pdf            doc/man 183kb dosbox emulator manual pdf
midi_guide_duch.pdf          doc/man 179kb introduction of the midi language
midi_guide_eng.pdf           doc/man 177kb introduction of the midi language
midi_guide_french.pdf        doc/man 177kb introduction of the midi language
midi_guide_ita.pdf           doc/man 203kb introduction of the midi language
protrekkr_guide.pdf          doc/man 17kb  Guide in pdf file for protrekkr
schismtracker_manual.pdf     doc/man 1Mb   Pdf Guide of impulse traker 2 Clone
the_trackers_handbook_v05... doc/man 103kb guide for tracker programs
povray_tutorial.tar          doc/tut 7Mb   povray tutorial in many language       gam/puz 3Mb   OpenGL game. Flip all tiles to r...
xpdftools_400.i386-aros.lha  off/dtp 6Mb   Tools to manipulate pdf documents
hollywoodplayer.lha          uti/mis 10Mb  Player for Hollywood applets
grimoriumpdf.lha             uti/tex 3Mb   PDF viewer written in Hollywood

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