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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood Designer 6.0 released
Press release: To celebrate Hollywood's 20th anniversary this year, Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are back on your screen with another massive release: This time we are proud to present the brand-new version 6.0 of our famous Hollywood Designer.

Hollywood Designer 6.0 is a full-blown multimedia authoring system that runs on top of Hollywood and can be used to create all sorts of multimedia-based applications, for example presentations, slide shows, games, and applications. Thanks to Hollywood, all multimedia applications created using Hollywood Designer can be exported as stand-alone executables for the following systems: AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This is a feature that is totally unique in the Amiga world!

Hollywood Designer 6.0 is a massive update and boasts lots of new features and improvements over the previous version. We do not want to bore you, so here are just some of them:
  • Ready for Hollywood 9.1!
  • Vector animations are now supported
  • Bullet lists and enumerations with an unlimited number of levels are now supported
  • Support for custom list bullets and enumerations
  • Fully asynchronous thumbnail window including live refresh and live regrouping
  • New presentation mode specifically designed for USB presenters
  • Forward/backward stepping through projects on a per-object basis
  • Over 10 new action events
  • Many action events can handle variables now
  • Global shortcuts for pages can be defined
  • Support for high-DPI displays and custom display orientations
  • Multiple monitors are now supported
  • Custom linespacing support
  • Full z-order support for buttons
  • Soft-hyphen and zero-width space support for advanced layouts
  • UID manager for convenient administration of UIDs
  • Plugin loader priorities can be customized
  • Several new example projects are included
  • Full support for Hollywood 9.1's plugin interface
  • Lots of other new features, optimizations and bug fixes
Having been in development for almost 20 years, Hollywood Designer 6.0 is a very stable and mature multimedia authoring system. We would like to emphasize that it is not only suited for personal use, but also for professional commercial customers. Ferrule Media, for instance, have created an info channel containing over 2000 (!) unique slides in a single project with Hollywood Designer. Hollywood Designer was designed to handle these huge projects efficiently so that they can run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any visible memory fragmentation! Ferrule Media's info channel, created with Hollywood Designer, is running in dental clinics all over Norway.

Note that Hollywood Designer is no longer limited to "just" being an authoring software, it can now also be used as a flexible graphics editor because it supports many features of modern graphics editors like multiple layers with over 30 filter effects, vector graphics, image import, and text.

Hollywood Designer 6.0 is available as a CD and a download version. There are native versions of the program for AmigaOS3 (m68k), WarpOS (hybrid m68k/ppc), MorphOS (ppc), AmigaOS4 (ppc), and AROS (x86). If you already own a previous version of Hollywood Designer, you can buy a discounted upgrade version. People who bought Hollywood Designer 5.0 in 2022 can request a free upgrade. Please note that Hollywood Designer 6.0 runs on top of the Multimedia Application Layer Hollywood 9.1. Thus, Hollywood 9.1 is strictly required for Hollywood Designer 6.0. Both programs are available in a special bundle which is the ultimate package for every power Amiga user who wants to see what his system can do with Hollywood 9.1 & Hollywood Designer 6.0. (cg)

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