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Video presentation: Michael Spindler on 'Akiko 32' and 'Akiko Portable'
On Saturday, 28.05.2022, the RETROpulsiv 15.1 took place at the university in Augsburg. During this event Michael Spindler gave a presentation (in German) about his 'Akiko 32'-Projekt project and reported on the current status.

The Akiko32 is an Amiga-AGA compatible computer with extensions in modern mini ITX format. The board is a hobby development and appears as open source for non-commercial purposes. On the board is a 68030 processor in PGA form factor, which can be clocked with 14MHz or 50MHz and also the complete AGA chipset (Alice, Lisa, Paula). To save ICs, not the usual combination like in the A1200 (Budgie, Gayle, CIAs) was used, but an Akiko IC which does almost the same tasks in the CD32. Currently the developer is working on the network card, which is based on the ZorroLAN.

Simultaneously, the developer has been working for a good half year on the 'Akiko Portable', an Amiga to go, which is not an emulation. This is supposed to fulfill the following requirements:
  • as thin as possible
  • two to three hours of battery operation targeted
  • 14 inch display
  • conversion of Amiga signals to the TFT display
  • USB-C power supply
  • Compact Flash card routed to the outside
  • Notebook keyboard with number pad
  • Trackpad
  • USB for data exchange
The goal is to present a first early prototype at Amiga37. (dr)

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