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Music editor: MusicMaker V8 Version 3.16
As Thomas Winischhofer told us at the end of October last year, the development of his 'MusicMaker V8' was actually finished. Apparently, however, he always finds the time and inclination to fix minor bugs and to continue to maintain his sample-based music editor, which he started as a hobby project in 1986, so that since version 3.12, the fourth update to version 3.16 has now been released. Changes since our last report:

Version 3.16:
  • Relocated prefs file (MM_V8.prefs) from S: to ENVARC:, if the latter exists (which is normally the case under OS2 and later). This also fixes the annoying requester when starting MM under 1.3.
  • Installer: Install MM_V8.prefs to ENVARC: if available
  • Installer: Ask if prefs file should be overwritten
  • Installer: By default, do not install developer kit
  • Add install script for AmigaDOS 1.3 since the installer needs >=2.x
Version 3.15:
  • Filerequester: Fix long standing and potentially lethal sorting bug
Version 3.14:
  • Filerequester:
    • Make list display faster
    • The path-resolving-bahavior described under the entry for 3.13 below was for OS2 and later. Now MM does the same under 1.3.
Version 3.13:
  • Filerequester:
    • fix race cond when typing a filename
    • No longer resolve assigns when clicking "Parent"

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