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George Sokianos (ko-fi)

AmigaOS 4: Flawfinder finds vulnerabilities in C/C++ source code
George 'walkero' Sokianos has ported Flawfinder, originally written by David A. Wheeler in Python, to AmigaOS 4 and explained:

"In the last couple of years that I started working on AmigaOS applications, I always look how to make use of modern tools with my code and how to avoid doing mistakes that will cost performance and, most importantly, security. That's why my projects are covered by an online test platform like Codacy.

What I found is that such platforms use tools that are available, such as CppCheck and Flawfinder. Then I thought, 'Is it possible to bring those tools to AmigaOS 4? Would it be useful?'. So...

Flawfinder is a code analysis tool that searches in source files, looking for potential security flaws. This is developed by David A. Wheeler in Python, supporting v2.7 and above. So it looked like a good candidate to work with.

The problem with AmigaOS 4 is that the available Python version is 2.5. The good thing is that Flawfinder does not use code that is really tough to backport. After a few changes on print() usage here and there and some other fixes, Flawfinder works fine and it is available for everyone to use it.

You can find my work and my latest release 2.0.19 r1 on my personal Git website and soon on OS4Depot.

The only thing you need to do to use it is to extract the lha file contents anywhere on your hard disk and execute something like:

flawfinder src/

Inside the archive, you will find the documentation in HTML and PDF format, and please consult it for a lot more options."

Anyone who wants to support the author has the opportunity to do so on his Ko-fi website. The author returns 50% of the donations to the community at the end of each month by supporting projects or developers. (dr)

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