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Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.9.12
RedPill, developed by Carlos Peris, is a game construction kit written in Amiblitz 3.9, which allows the development of games from various genres (see short tests of two Redpill games). RedPill is compatible with AGA and ECS, the "player" for playing the finished creations requires a total of 1.5 MB RAM. Jens 'Farbfinsternis' Henschel has written a tutorial which he recently updated.

Version 0.9.12 includes, among other things, a new project, a 2018 game called 'Bad Ninjas VS Rick & Joe' (YouTube video) and now uses the AmiBlitz 3.9.4 compiler. Changes:
  • Bad Ninjas game is now included in the projects folder by courtesy of Ricky Place.
  • Hud refresh speed can be set in the HUD screen.
  • Added action trigger Reset Vars that allows to reset a range of variables to its initial value.
  • In HUD screen the background image can now be edited or deleted.
  • When editing a trigger if it instantiates something it will show the instantiated object in position in the preview screen.
  • Switched to Amiblitz 3.9.4 compiler.
  • Less strict asset processing when Building a game.
  • Improved compatibility with old game projects.
  • Improved calculation when setting Line Width now allows bigger maps.
  • Fix for objects of type Shot not being automatically destroyed.
  • Fix for compressed 16 sprite backgrounds not showing properly.
  • Fix in vertical scroll leaving one empty line under certain conditions.
  • Fix for some glitch in object rendering for multiscreen games.
  • Fix for camera centering when using smaller displays.
  • Fix for spritesheet screen always asking about palette reload even if it was the same.
  • Small optimizations.

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