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AmigaOS 4: C runtime library clib2 v1.0.0 beta 5
As standard C librar, AmigaOS officially uses a variant of the Newlib C standard library implementation. A popular alternative C standard library implementation is called clib2 and it is included as an option with the standard Amiga SDK. The clib2 library is particular well suited for porting software from the Unix world (taken from AmigaOS-Wiki).

Andrea 'afxgroup' Palmate has created a fork of the official clib2 library, included in adtools. This library is exclusively for AmigaOS 4 to make it easy to maintain and to be able to add all the missing clib2 functions that are hard to add on 68k Amigas. The goal is to make it POSIX compliant and also fix any C++ problems that exist with newer compilers. All warnings (except for a very few) generated by GCC 10 and higher have disappeared. As the developer further writes, all obsolete OS4 functions have been replaced by modern ones (except for StackSwap, for which he has not found a replacement).

Yesterday he released the fifth beta version with the following changes:
  • Implemented open() and opendir() and now it is possible to open a directory like open("T:") and use some functions on the returned fd
  • Changed some socket functions that now use open source code
  • Implemented new funcions
  • Fixed a memory leak on fstat
  • Removed test on check_abort_enabled prior call since it is already checked in the function
  • Moved rand* functions to prng folder
  • Implemented syslog (using files)
  • A lot of other fixes an improvements

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