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Sprite/Icon/Map editor: Raster Master V1.2 R62 for Windows 10/11
Raster Master is a sprite/icon/map editor for Windows 10/11 which generates RayLib-, PutImagedata and Map code for gcc, AmigaBASIC, Amiga C, Amiga Pascal, QuickBasic, QB64, Quick C, Turbo Pascal, freepascal, Turbo C, Turbo Basic, Power Basic, FreeBASIC, GWBASIC, BASICA, and PC-BASIC (YouTube video).

Today version 1.2 R62 was released with the following changes:
  • Mask Export option ABQ - Trans Mask &HE0
  • Save IFF/BBM Amiga brushes - not compressed
  • ILBM decompression bug fixed
  • 256 color ILBM files were not being saved correctly - these are pc pbm format

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