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Programming language: Amiga Blitz Basic 2 Visual Studio Code Ext. 0.6.0
Youen Chéné - one of the organizers of a programming community in Normandy called Codeurs en Seine - is in the process of writing a Visual Studio Code Extension that adds support for Amiga Blitz Basic 2 (and Amiblitz). The extension is in alpha stage, so syntax highlighting is still limited.

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Snippets for most Blitz Basic 2 functions and methods.
  • Outline shows macros, labels, functions and statements.
  • Integrated help.
This version of Youen Chéné is a fork of the vscode-amiga-blitzbasic project by 'MickGyver' and aims to provide a complete, native javascript extension that works without external tools if possible (except UAE) and runs not only on Windows but many platforms (macOS, Linux, Windows). He hopes that eventually both extensions will be merged. (dr)

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