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AmigaOS 4.1: Graphics card driver RadeonHD V5 (update)
At the end of October 2018, RadeonHD driver version 3.6 came out with the release of the "Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade", as a supplement to the Enhancer 1.x package, which later also became part of Enhancer Software 2.0. With version 2.1 of Enhancer, version 3.7 of the graphics card driver was released.

Finally, version 2.2 of the Enhancer software was released recently, which did not include a new RadeonHD driver, but did include an updated version (1.11) of the va.library. The Video Acceleration Library was developed to support hardware video decoding on Radeon Polaris (RX) cards. Apparently, hardware acceleration for both Polaris RX cards and RadeonHD cards was already integrated in this version, but for the latter case, version 5 of the RadeonHD graphics card drivers was required, which was not yet available at that time (see AmigaKit's contribution on Amigans). Among other things, this resulted in the media player Emotion from Entwickler-X now crashing, because the software loaded the new va.library but did not find version 5 of the RadeonHD driver. This could only be solved by deactivating or reverting to the old version.

After purchasing it under the title link for 50 Euro at AmigaKit (still not available on AmiStore), now this driver is available as version 5.14 via the Updater tool, device-specific for the SAM 460 and the two AmigaOne computers, X1000 and X5000 and brings the driver up to the same feature set as the RadeonRX driver. Most important changes:
  • Dropped support for all graphics cards older than Southern Islands
  • switched to a new code-base for the core
  • added Dynamic Power Management (DPM)
  • added UVD (hardware accelerated video decoding) support
  • added GART support
  • A bunch of miscellaneous fixes and improvements
Suitable graphics cards can be found via the RadeonHD driver compatibility page.

The RadeonHD v5 driver works also fine without the Enhancer Software. But it is required for hardware accelerated video decoding.

Update: (24.09.2022, 07:38, dr)

According to AmigaKit in a press release, the new RadeonHD driver can be directly purchased on A-EON's website until he will be made available on AmiStore. (dr)

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