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Amiga37: Information on exhibitors and its booths (update 5)
There are still three weeks to go until Amiga37 in Mönchengladbach. For all those who were able to get hold of a ticket, we asked some exhibitors what visitors can expect at the respective booths, if there are any special events planned etc.

AAA Technology: A-EON / Amiga Kit / Amedia Computer
  • one of the main sponsors of the Amiga37
  • are represented by Matthew Leaman for AmigaKit / A-EON from the UK and Laurent Zorawski and Franck Bednarski for Amedia Computer from France
  • A-EON's Linux expert Christian 'xeno74' Zigotzy from Germany will also be at the stand, showing AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS on his X5000/40
  • unless prevented by international travel restrictions, Trevor Dickinson will also travel from New Zealand
  • a whole range of Classic and Next-Generation Amiga goodies will be for sale, including complete X5000/40 computers
  • After an unavoidable two-year break, AAA Technology would like to thank Markus Tillmann and the entire Amiga 37 team for bringing back this awesome show
ACube Systems
  • the production of the Sam460 is progressing
  • there will be some news about the laptop
  • ACube Systems is looking forward to spend some time with the Amiga community
Alinea Computer
  • Presentation of exclusive new products at the booth
  • all OmniPort and Amega 32 adapters available
  • Adapters will be demonstrated on the Amiga 1200 or CD32 and questions will be answered
  • many other articles from the shop availble
AmiKit / Amiberry
  • A special limited edition of AmiKit for Raspberry Pi will be available (physical product)
  • The latest version of Amiberry will be shown running in different environments (both for games and the full RTG desktop experience). You can experience some of the unique features implemented and ask the author any questions directly
  • A Lightwave expert will be demonstrating a special render farm built using Amiberry and multiple Raspberry Pi devices.
  • Interview wit author of Amiberry
Andy Brenner (MiSTer FPGA / Amiga Germany print magazine)
  • Amiga Germany print magazine issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 available
  • his MiSTer FPGA systems with the possibility to test the whole thing live. Possibly there are also devices for purchase on site.
  • special highlight: exclusive Amiga Fan Watch named A-Watch will be produced in limited numbers and can be bought, according to today's status, for a special price at the fair.
  • big booth with presentation of all hardware ever built by Apollo Computer: from Zorro Amiga GFX cards, to NATAMI, all Vampires - and all new cards including SALAMANDER and MANTICORE
  • large sales booth with, among other things, a new ICEDRAKE batch of over 100 cards
  • additionally there are 8 seats where visitors can play
  • SPACE INVADER championship: up to four players in the team can play at the same time - and win prizes
  • once a day there are live programming classes: together with Arne and Gunnar visitors can learn to program a complete small game in assembler with graphics and music. All questions will be answered, you can take the game and its sources with you.
GoldenCode (aka Daytona675x)
  • will be at the show with an NG-Amiga (X5000 or A1222) and two A1200s to present old and new golden game projects: "There will be enough joysticks for proper gambling, even a fine "Souverän Soccer" Cup is planned. The one or other souvenir for inclined visitors will certainly also be available."
Lukas Remis
  • the initiator of the "Tank Mouse" project ( reported) will attend Amiga37 "presenting first factory-made pieces of Tank Mouse."
  • Planned are presentations of the latest MorphOS version and applications on:
    • diverse PPC Amiga Classic devices
    • PowerBooks
    • AmigaOne X5000/40
  • Presentation of the just released latest version of PageStream
  • MorphOS developers answer questions about various topics around MorphOS
RELEC (dr)

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