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Editor: Lite XL 2.0.3r3 for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS released
At the end of last year, George 'walkereo' Sokianos released the first version v1.16.12.3 of his port of the editor 'Lite XL' ( reported) for AmigaOS 4 and in June an update to version 2.0.3r2 which also included a port for MorphOS ( reported). Version 2.0.3r3 released today provides the following changes:

  • Added plugin for AmigaGuide files
  • Added plugin for Hollywood files
  • Fixed non existing path crashes on OS4 and MorphOS
  • Fixed editor refresh whenever init.lua is changed, no matter the working folder
  • Fixed an issue when the user added a directory in the project that already existed
  • Fixed locale issue on start for MorphOS. Now it should start just fine no matter what locale the user has on his system.
  • Fixed "Find" on MorphOS that was not working (shortcut CTRL+F)
  • If the user selects to change the project folder and inserts Sys: or any partition name, the included folders will be listed as suggestions
  • Removed linking with unix on OS4 build
  • Makefiles updated

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