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Thomas Wenzel (ANF) (ANF)

Audio player: AmigaAMP 3.32 released
Thomas Wenzel wrote: After the code has been developed for a long time, I dared to release AmigaAMP 3.32 into the wild. With the 68k version, the use of decoder plugins (so-called "engines") specially adapted to AmigaAMP is possible again. So far, however, there is only one engine for WarpOS. Here is the complete list:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Loading whole directories now automatically expands playlists found in these directories.
    • Fixed wrong behaviour when double clicking on a playlist stream entry while another stream is still in connecting status.
    • Fixed handling older visualisation plugins which use an early version of the API.
  • New Features:
    • Each playlist entry now has its own error status.
    • More detailed documentation about AmigaAMP's settings.
    • 68k: Support for coprocessor plugins a.k.a. "engines". The .engine files go into the Plugins directory and can be enabled in the Decoder tab of AmigaAMP Preferences.
    • 68k: Support for 10-band equalizer settings according to MHI spec v1.2
However, according to initial findings, this new version probably unfortunately triggers a still unknown bug in the ZZ9000AX MHI driver on some systems, so that playback simply never starts but stops at 0 seconds. Prisma Megamix and other MHI drivers do not seem to be affected. (dr)

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