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Tech-Demo: Last update for "Street Fighter 2" port
"Street Fighter 2" is the attempt to recreate the well-known beat'm up on the Amiga using the Scorpion Engine in a better way. The author is not going to develop a full game but hopes to inspire other developers. Now he has released a last update. The source code is supposed to be released soon on the Scorpion Engine Unofficial Demos repository. Changes:
  • Added Shoryuken move and sound to Ryu
  • Special moves are mapped to "Forward + C" (Shoryuken) and "Backward + C" (Hadouken)
  • Added more energy to Ken to have more fun
  • Added some grace time after Ken dies before playing the winning stance
  • A bit more accurate parallax scrolling values
  • Fixed bug where punch and kick animation could be performed mid air
  • Fixed initial camera position jump after fade in

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