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Programming language: AmiBlitz 3.9.8
After two pre-releases, today version 3.9.8 of the programming language AmiBlitz has been released. Changes:

  • (compiler) can send his own log data to PED's log
  • (compiler) added an error-requester in case the exepath is not set correctly (settings in Sourceproperties "ExePath")
  • (compiler) current include is shown in compile status window
  • (PED) rewritten Find and Replace-Routines in BASIC
  • (PED) minor improvements to intellisense
  • (project) moved some examples into other subfolders
  • (compiler) removed vbr-detection from code that starts compiled executable, as it is now inside the debugger
  • (PED) fixed misspelled tooltype "USE_INTELLISENSE_COMMANDS"
  • (PED) fixed bug in routine to set current dir that led to problems when AmiBlitz3 was located in a longer path
  • (PED) fixed intellisense that did not work anymose
  • (PED) fixed bug that localization was not turned of completely when tooltype was enabled
  • (PED) fixed crash when loading old bb2 source file
  • (PED) fixed bug in displaying a sourceline when scrolling out of the window
  • (include) fixed bug in image_include that used a wrong Minterms in image_BlittPattern{} that led to wrong display with newer P96 versions

Download: AmiBlitz398.lha (11 MB) (dr)

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