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OS4Depot uploads until 24.12.2022
The following files have been added until 24.12.2022 to OS4Depot:
aifc2wav.lha             aud/con 19kb  4.0 will save IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, A...
gym2vgm.lha              aud/con 13kb  4.0 Converts GYM, SSL, and CYM files...
gym2vgmv.lha             aud/con 13kb  4.0 Converts GYM, SSL, and CYM files...
amigaamp3.lha            aud/pla 2Mb   4.1 Multi format audio player with GUI
libsamplerate.lha        dev/lib 4Mb   4.0 Library for sample rate conversion
arabic_console_device... dri/inp 3Mb   4.1 An arabic console device, line &...
paybackupdate.lha        gam/act 877kb 4.1 Native version of Payback for Am...
colorit.lha              gam/puz 2Mb   4.0 A small games with colors
breakhack.lha            gam/rol 15Mb  4.1 Breakhack is a small roguelike game
hwp_zip.lha              lib/hol 286kb 4.0 Read and write zip archives for ...
aya.lha                  net/mis 2Mb   4.0 Access wolfram alpha answer mach...
smb2fs.lha               net/sam 122kb 4.1 Filesystem for accessing files u...
zitaftpserver.lha        net/ser 14Mb  4.1 A fast and secure FTP(S) server.
fuppes.lha               net/ser 15Mb  4.1 Free UPnP Entertainment Service
avalanche.lha            uti/arc 84kb  4.1 Simple ReAction GUI for xadmaster
avalanche_ita.lha        uti/arc 5kb   4.0 Italian translation for Avalanche
lharchiver.lha           uti/arc 5Mb   4.0 Create LhA archives intuitively
airscan.lha              uti/pri 107kb 4.1 Native Amiga scanner utility
hex2.lha                 uti/sci 867kb 4.0 Simple calculator with variables...
thumbnailmaker.lha       vid/mis 6kb   4.1 Arexx script for ArtEffect, gene...

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