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Tool: Image2PDF for all Amiga systems
Bernd Assenmacher has released version 1.3 of his tool Image2PDF, which converts PNG or JPG images into a PDF file. Among other things, A3, A4 or A5 can be selected as the target format. Image2PDF is available for all Amiga systems and requires the Polybios-Plugin. It is sufficient to copy the files "polybios.ext" and "polybios.hwp" to "Libs/Hollywood" (for AROS only the file "polybios.hwp" exists). Changes in version 1.3:
  • added icons from Carlo again which were accidently bad converted in V1.2
  • corrected "Credits" in terms of the Amikit icon(s) ;-)
  • the source folder and the save folder is now memorized when doing more than one picture to PDF
  • added requester which asks if it is wanted to do more pictures to PDF
  • added requester if the PDF file already exists (overwrite protection)
  • on commandline/shell it is no longer neccesary to give the full path of the picture file
  • its now checked if the PDF file to be saved ends with ".pdf"
  • improved error message in case of invalid loaded picture/file
  • added automatic closing of the viewer windows
  • added Image2PDF as Hollywood Applet (at least Hollywood Player 9.1 has to be used)

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