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DIY: N2630 expansion board for Amiga 2000
Parallel to his project of a replica of the A2000 motherboard in ATX form factor, "Amiga-2000-ATX" ( reported), the developer Jason 'jasonsbeer' Neus has started another one : The N2630 is a further development of the original Commodore A2630 expansion card, offering an Amiga 2000 a 50MHz Motorola 68030 CPU card with additional RAM and IDE device connector, and is installed in the CPU slot.

The project documents now released are revision 3.0 and include the Gerber files, JLCPCB ordering information and JED files for each of the CPLDs. The developer gives the following features for the N2630:
  • Motorola 68030 microprocessor running at 50MHz
  • Motorola 68882 math coprocessor running up to 50MHz
  • 4 or 8 megabytes of Zorro 2 Fast RAM
  • 16 to 256 megabytes of Zorro 3 Fast RAM
  • IDE port with 40-pin cable and CF card options

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