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Linux: Distribution Finiex 6.0.1 for AmigaOne X1000/5000
The creator and maintainer of the Fienix distribution, Casey Cullen, has announced the availability of the new version 6.0.1 in a post on the Hyperion forums and has provided an installer for the new version for the first time. Features:
  • Built-in support for streaming media to DLNA devices like Chromecast, game consoles, and DLNA-compliant smart TVs
  • Built-in support to stream to ROAP devices like Apple Airport Express
  • Built-in support for streaming to Bluetooth speakers (and Fienix supports USB Bluetooth adapters)
  • Improved printer support and graphical printer configuration
  • New, streamlined theme for cleaner interface, new wallpapers and a Fienix screensaver
  • Support for GTK 4
  • Fienix Companion is much more robust and stable and includes new Fienix Network Mechanic, and the Curated App Suite has been updated
  • Almost all QT and KDE frameworks packages have been rebuilt from source to improve stability
  • QT packages upgraded to version 5.15.4 and KDE frameworks packages upgraded to version 5.98
  • Improved menu functionality for QT/KDE applications ("sticky" menus can be closed by pressing Esc key)
  • Improvements in theme consistency for QT/KDE applications
  • Improvements in theme consistency for Java desktop applications
  • KDEConnect in Fienix 6.0.1 provides integration with both iOS and Android devices (previously only Android devices were supported)
  • Eolie, a web browser based on WebKit (the same browser engine as Apple's Safari browser), provides great performance!
  • Arctic Fox web browser has been upgraded to version 40.1
  • Pale Moon browser 31.2 is now available
  • VLC has been upgraded to version 3.0.18
  • SFML has been patched in Fienix 6.0.1 to correctly play Ogg Vorbis sound format, unpatched it plays only static on big-endian systems
Further information as well as a detailed installation guide are available under the title link. (dr)

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