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mnemo (ANF)

Graphics card ZZ9000: New firmware version 1.13
Lukas F. Hartmann's ZZ9000 is a graphics card with additional features and ports (network, USB, SD cards), which can be ordered in different versions ( reported).

Yesterday, the new firmware version 1.13 was released, which mainly provides stability improvements. In addition to the firmware, the driver package (LHA) must also be updated. The changes:
  • Fix Z3 autoconfig issues incl. RAM on first boot
  • Improve ethernet to amiga irq
  • Fix ethernet freeze on NetShutdown
  • Fix scaled sprite and split position
  • Fix split panning
  • Fix 320x200 mode
  • Fix 15bit mode for real (remove hack)
  • Add 1920x800 video mode
  • MHI/AHI mutually exclusive checks by Tom W.

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