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Mastodon client: Amidon 1.0
Dimitris 'MiDWaN' Panokostas, author of the Amiga emulator Amiberry, has released version 1.0 of his Mastodon client Amidon for AmigaOS 3 ( reported. Requirements:
  • AmigaOS 3.x
  • AmiSSL 4
  • MUI 3.9 or newer
  • The following MUI classes:
    • Hyperlink.mcc (available in the MUI 4.x and 5.x archives)
    • TextEditor.mcc
    • BetterString.mcc (required by TextEditor)
    • HTMLview.mcc
  • codesets.library
  • 68020+ CPU
  • 8MB RAM
  • An internet connection and a TCP/IP stack running (cURL will check for bsdsocket.library on startup). AmiTCP 4, Roadshow or emulators with the bsdsocket.library option enabled will work.
  • A web browser will be needed once, for the first time you authenticate your account.
As the developer tells us, the release also serves to be able to find and fix any previously undiscovered problems. He is already working on an update that will add some additional features based on the feedback.
The basic functions are available, but some things are not possible due to the current limitations of MUI in combination with Hollywood. For example, notifications are only displayed as plain text, not HTML. MUI Listviews could not contain complex objects, so some compromises had to be made.

The start-up time on a real Amiga could be improved: it is currently quite slow on a 68060 Amiga at 13 seconds. This and many other problems could be solved if he rewrote the programme in C/C++. But that is something for the future, depending on motivation and time.

Basically, he recommends using MUI 3.9, because HTMLview, the MUI class used to display HTML content in Amidon, has problems with some versions of MUI under AmigaOS 3.x. It does not display content with MUI 4 or 5, so at the moment the client only works properly with MUI 3.9. Basically HTMLview seems to have problems with the display of content behind HTTPS links (e.g. images). MUI 3.8 can also be used, but it has some problems with the display of content in the list views, which is why it is not recommended. (dr)

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